People really like Teleprompter

4.7 ★★★★★ on the Mac App Store

“If you want to use a teleprompter that is super easy to understand and easy to use, TP is perfect. No bugs, it just works. ★★★★★”

“It is really hard for me to write reviews. I hate writing them. I just had to write about this one. We were stuck on a weekend and the talent pleaded for a teleprompter. I found this app and it SAVED the day. Wonderful, easy to use SO WORTH it. ★★★★★”

“This helped me to complete an entire online course where I filmed 65 videos - all of them with me talking to camera. It allows you to SAVE each script individually as a ‘tele prompt.’ It’s packed with all the features you could need to get your ‘talk to camera’ done as easily and as effortlessly as possible. Highly recommended and worthy of 5 stars. I am so pleased I discovered this. Worth every penny (and more) ★★★★★”

“I downloaded the demo, and was so happy it gave me an accurate feel of what it’s like to use the app. Quickly pleased, I bought the full version and am further pleased with my purchase. So impressed the that when I reached out with a support queston, the developer responded quickly to answer clearly in a way that made things easy to follow. Thank you!! Finding the interface a Mac lover’s delight, too. ★★★★★”